Website and webmaster is in danger since 9.10.2014

I regret to inform you that due to the situation with the Webmaster th3website will most likely go down.
There are several reasons for this however the main reason is the continual situation developing whereas the
Webmaster may become victim of a serious crime who is under threat from local Fascists and capitalists, and the
possible sanction of this from Norwegian authorities.
And also the lack of affirmative administrators to maintain the integrity of the website... and lack of
affirmative action from the other activists, and the possible collaboration of IWW union members with
fascist elements in Notodden, Norway

From the Webmaster : Confronted a Fascist today whos been sitting for days talking shit on me and being abusive.
Stating things like I am a gonna get what I deserve ?!?
While the staff at the ward did their best to fucking ignore it, like a cute bunch of KAPOS.
Then after a fight almost erupted, they wrote him out of hospital, while holding me in a room,
and refusing to let me leave or backing me up on a potential complaint to the Police.. Neither
will they transfer me to another ward. so basically I am being held as a captive here while
they do their best to psych me out with various threats and harrasments. While telling me
its all voices in my fucking head and pushing drugs that fucks up my concentration.

If you feel upset then call or send a message about how you feel about Kapos and fascists to Dr. Svein Nordeide.

Letters or contact may be sent to :
ulefossveien 55
Akuttpsyk 19a
Skien 3728
+47 35005710
To contact web-master or the Admin colllective -

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