Website and webmaster is in danger since 9.10.2014

I regret to inform you that due to the situation with the Webmaster the website may likely go down.
It is time to support your webmaster of the and admin of the revolt collective,
who has been thrown in solitary confinement and held under forced hospitalization in Norway, by Norwegian
authorities claiming this man is sick because of his beliefs and anti-authoritarian views.
And suffering from threats from the local community
Send a letter of support to him and / or a letter complaint to the person responsible
for this ongoing abuse that has lasted to many years..

He is currently being held at
Telemark Sykehus
ulefossveien 55
Akuttpsyk 19C
Skien 3728
+47 35005710
the chief doctor holding him in solitary confinment is is Maleen Geck Sevatdal.
however if you want to write a support letter to the webmaster you need to write his
name, Andre Dahl Jensen on the envelope

To read more visit the blog - Norwegian Psychiatry
You may join this facebook group, if you are pissed off about the shit they serve out
toward Anti Authoritarians and want to organize some shit Telemark Anti Psychiatry Task Force

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