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CIA and Chile Conspire Selling Cocaine to Remove President Rafael Correa

by Patricio Mery Bell
translated by Vanessa Di Domenico

Police inspector of Chile Investigations Police (PDI), Fernando Ulloa, delivered new precedents about his drug trafficking accusation, which involves the government of Chile and the High Command of the PDI. Ulloa released an official letter sent by his Excellence President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera Echenique’s cabinet, in which we can clearly seen that the government knew about the inspector’s resignation and sent the precedents of the case to the accused themselves.  With this, the president recognized that he knew about, participated in, and covered up a complex chain of protection of an international drug traffic net, which according to sources of Chile’s National Intelligence Agency, has as a purpose to destabilize the government of president Rafael Correa of Ecuador.


On May 26, 2011 at 12:30pm, inspector  Fernando Ulloa, congresswoman Monica Zalaquet, and two lawyers, among them well-known jurist, Aldo Duque, arrived at La Moneda Palace (home of the president in Chile- ed.) to meet with then-Secretary of State, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, with the purpose of delivering a folder with criminal records of drug trafficking, in which high chiefs of police had participated, among them, today’s prefect (sheriff) Inspector of Arica, Luis Carreno, who in that time was chief of the Fifth Department of Investigations. At that time, the Secretary of State received the criminal records with ‘supposed’ concern. He asked those reporting the crimes to not speak with the press and to give him four days to solve the situation.


“Measures” taken by Hinzpeter


At the end of their conversation, Hinzpeter called in an officer of the Secretary of State, whom he ordered to begin an investigation from inside that Department, as well as to share the report with the country’s Attorney General, Sabas Chahuan, another Chilean authority with links to the USA, who received direct orders from the North American Agent, Stanley Stoy, to begin a series of staged situations that wanted to criminalize and generate a climate of chaos in the country, which would permit the application of a brutal repressive policy, among them the ‘Bomb Case’ and the stated situation against Pakistani Youth, Saif Khan, who was linked with no evidence to the international criminal net of Al-Quaeda.  The foreigner was illegally placed under “arrest “ at the embassy of the USA, to later be arrested by the Special Operations Group of the Chile Police, while agents of the PDI raided his home. Hinzpeter gave the officer his folder with all documents which showed that the High Command of the PDI was coordinating a operation of trafficking over 200kg of cocaine brought from Bolivia, to be sold in Chile, Europe, and the USA. The drug was entering Chile through the Colina Pass and had as purpose generating illegal resources to “boycott” democracy in Ecuador and pay a performance bonus to the agents of the PDI for being loyal to the CIA (of the USA –ed.).

The four days that Hinzpeter asked for became months, Inspector Ulloa was removed from the Institution, being until today a victim of constant harassment, threats, and injustice. The officer has not yet received his “official” retirement or removal from the institution, and has seen no pay at all for his pension of retirement.


On December 23rd 2012, after over a year since his resignation had passed, Ulloa wrote to the president of Chile directly, who in turn answered on December 28th, exactly on Innocent’s Day (in Spanish, equivalent to April’s Fool Day –ed.) saying that Ulloa’s papers had been sent to the same high command of the PDI, which Ulloa had already quit, thus exposing his integrity and that of his family. Besides accepting that they had indeed received the accusation, Pinera confesses that for over a year they had kept the original folder of the investigation, which had been requested many times by one of Ulloa’s lawyers, Nelson Caucoto Pereira, a man linked to the investigation and defense of victims of the terrorist crimes of state imposed upon Chile by General Augusto Pinochet, who did it all under the ‘gentle auspices’ of the CIA, who paid political parties who were opposed to Salvador Allende, truckers, the Armed Forces of Chile, and media, such as newspaper El Mercurio, owned by Agustin Edwards Eastmen, to cause the Coup D’ Etat  of September 1973 in Chile.


Although the letter sent by president Pinera was dated December 28th, it wasn’t delivered until January 5th of 2013 to Inspector Ulloa, just when the director of this medium, Patricio Mery Bell, was in Ecuador, and he personally delivered the precedents of this accusation to Chancellor Ricardo Patino. This background was specifically about the complex net mounted by the CIA from Chile, to attempt to destroy the democratic process of Ecuador, which is headed by President Rafael Correa.


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