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Tea Party ‘christian’ threatens to rape a disabled child because her parents are ‘GODLESS F*GS’

Gregory Kirschmann is a bible-thumping Tea Partier who believes that the holy word is law above all else. As a “peaceful Christian,” he hates atheism, gay marriage and all those who think or believe differently from him with such passion that he is willing to threaten a child with Down’s Syndrome because one of her parents dared to do the unthinkable:


That’s right, godless limey fags, the crime of confronting sexual abuse by the clergy comes with the punishment of sexual ,abuse of your children, even if those children have Down’s Syndrome. Kirschmann’s threats were first seen in the form of private messages on Facebook made public by Cathy Harris, a friend of the family being threatened:

Kirschmann has taken the all-too traveled road of claiming his account was hacked after police in his town took notice of what was going on

It would seem that Greg has bitten off slightly more than he can chew on this one. It could be that Greg is just a disturbed individual who enjoys being a bible-toting Tea Partier by day who takes on people who disagree with him by night with his keyboard warrior alter-ego tough guy who champions child molesting ministers and priests because he gets off on that sort of thing, or it could be, which is so often the case on social media, that this is the man’s true personality rearing its ugly head and venting his anger that the world can’t be the perfect haven for sexual predators that he so desperately desires.

The other possibility is that his Facebook account was actually hacked, for some reason, by someone who uses the same idiosyncrasies like “snicker” and “smirk” (old webTV talk) that Greg has used for years

Kirschmann isn’t just a Facebook champion of fundamentalist extremism, either. He has his very own blog full of hate where he spews nonsense like this:

Make no mistake, the Bible is perfectly clear about marriage. There is no room for debate by Christians about whether ss couples can be married according to Scripture. Three times God’s design of marriage is noted in Scripture.

In the very beginning of the Bible, specifically quoted by Jesus, and then by Paul. First, we are told that male and female were created in the image of God. To desecrate that union in marriage by only including one gender is to desecrate the image of God.

Second, in Matthew 19, Jesus quotes God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman when the Pharisees bring up divorce. When the disciples question the absolute union of marriage, Jesus offers three options that all involve celibacy. The first, a eunuch born that way, refers specifically to homosexuals.

Third, in Ephesians 5, Paul quotes God’s design for marriage as a mystery reflecting the Bridegroom (Christ) and the Bride (the Church). It would literally be marrage [sic] to depict that union as two grooms or two brides!

Hate, hate and more hate — and a little bit of lunacy to top it off. This is the modern “God-fearing Christian.” They denounce everything in the name of Jesus, a peace-loving refugee who stood for everything these idiots rail against. They attack Islamic extremism for being intolerant monsters who think everyone should believe as they do and then turn around and threaten to rape children because their parents call out the evil within their clergy. The hypocrisy is palpable.

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