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Russia appoints new “Human Rights Major»

Tatjana Moskalkova wants to criminalize and imprison the punk group Pussy Riot for attacks on morale. Now she has been appointed Russia’s new “Human Rights Major.”


Human rights activists fear they have lost their last defense when Major General Tatjana Moskalkova is appointed as new civilian ombudsman in Russia.

With a background in parliament party “Righteous Russia”, she has proposed a number of laws restricting civil society’s rights and restricting non-governmental organizations operate.
Moskalkova have voted for stricter demonstration rules, prohibitions against “gay propaganda” and that important associations with foreign support should be registered as “foreigners agents”
Now she has become the highest-proclaimed authority person on human rights issues in Russia.

Political activists, human rights defenders and critics of the regime signals a civil society with a constrained freedoms.

She is a reactionary, dark human being

Human Rights Organisation Memorial states that the list of political prisoners in Russia now counts 62 names, among them the Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadesjda Savtjenkoog the liberal opposition leader’s brother, Oleg Navalnij.

But Moskalyov scoffs at the criticism. In a recent interview with the Russian TV channel Dosjd she calls political protests for criminals.

We can not call extremism, terrorism or treason for political crimes. These are criminal acts, says Mankova.

During the trial of activists from punk group Pussy Riot in 2012 promoted she a bill which she would make “attacks on morality” prohibited.

Moskalkova is reactionary and a dark human being. She has supported every bill that undermines human rights and initiated several of them, writes historian Aleksandr Skobov in the Russian newspaper Grani.

Source and full Article : http://www.nrk.no/urix/russland-innsetter-ny-_menneskerettighetsmajor_-1.12918436


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