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on the right wing terrorist Anders Breivik court appeals

Attorney General Fredrik Sejersted believe Anders Behring Breivik is more radical than ever, and that Correctional Services must plan for that Breivik can do the unthinkable.

Tuesday started the appeal on Anders Behring Breivik’s prison conditions in Court of Appeal at Skien prison. Normally a court appeal would happen the courts, however Norwegian authorities decided that the appeal case would be held inside the prison with a no fly zone and high security

As Breivik entered the Gymnasium he turned again to the photographers with outstretched right arm showing a a Nazi salute in the gymnasium at Skien prison.
The presiding judge Øystein Hermansen turned to Breivik and requested that it should not recur. interesting enough Skien is the birthplace and grave of the Nazi leader Quisling.

After the right wing terrorist again had violated the court by carry out a Nazi salute, the Attorney promptly started on the judgment in his keynote speech.
The state originally lost at the local District Court and was sentenced for human rights violations against Breivik, and the attorney believes the court are simply wrong when it considers that the safety aspects around prison sentence is too strict. The Government is deeply disagrees with the district court’s conclusion that the human rights of Breivik being violated while incarcerated.

He also emphasized that Breivik is strengthened in his right-wing ideology since he was sentenced for five and a half years ago.

Several times during Attorneys keynote speech Breivik looked  up at the Attorney General and shook his head. He clearly showed that he disagreed with several of the Attorney remarks – including when Sejersted claimed that Breivik’s prison conditions are far better than what many other prisoners are experiencing.

Attorney General believes you have to plan for that Breivik can do the unthinkable again or that it is difficult to know how dangerous he is tomorrow and reminded that Breivik walked around on the island youth camp Utøya and shot and killed as many children as possible. Breivik has not broken down and have not regretted. On the contrary, he expressed that he is unimaginably proud of what he has done. He has the same ideological convictions as before, and is even stronger in his beliefs.

In the introduction, the Attorney General also emphasized that Breivik has suggested that several of the statements he previously made in court, was only intended to make the headlines.
In retrospect he have said to the prison officers that he made the statements about cold coffee, Fjordland ( pre-made tv dinners) and Paradise Hotel ( reality show) because he knew it would make the headlines, and that the aim was that it could cause someone to take interest and examine his ideological message closer.

Breivik has according to Sejersted also stated that he must give the media some points they can use to make fun of him and “believes one must give a little to get people to be interested in his case”

The Court of Appeal had set aside three hours to Attorney introduction Tuesday, and the attorney spent a lot of time to remind the cort how dangerous they believe Breivik still is and read several excerpts from the verdict by July 22 trial.

Source NRK

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