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Big oil spent $115m ‘obstructing’ climate laws in 2015


Giants of the oil and gas industry spent millions of dollars last year to manipulate lawmakers and public discourse on climate change, an NGO claimed on Thursday. Exxon, Shell and three trade associations spent US$114 million, according to data compiled by London-based non-profit organisation Influence Map. Lobby group the American …

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Tech Boom Fueled By 40,000 Congolese Child Miners


A recent Amnesty International report sounded the alarm on a “blood mineral” mined by Congolese children as young as seven and used in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries found in laptops, smartphones and even electric cars. The mineral is cobalt, and more than half of the world’s supply comes from the Democratic …

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Japan’s whaling fleet returned to port Thursday with 333 dead minke whales, including pregnant females


As part of its intention to kill nearly 4,000 whales in the Antarctic over the next 12 years as “scientific research,” Japan’s whaling fleet returned to port Thursday with 333 dead minke whales, including pregnant females. #BREAKING: Japanese whalers return from Antarctic slaughter with 333 dead whales. #READ: https://t.co/6GGp8anfoM pic.twitter.com/8Nid7b4Kkm — Sea Shepherd …

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Brazil: Over 5,000 MST Women Destroy Monoculture Seedlings


At dawn on Wednesday, March 8, around 5,000 women workers from the MST (Landless Movement) took part in a lightning-strike direct action against the corporation Araupel, in Quedas do Iguaçu, in the central region of Paraná. Welcomed from all over the state, women destroyed eucalyptus and pine seedlings to denounce …

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Royal Navy Admits Causing Whale Deaths


Three 1,000lb bombs detonated underwater by the Royal Navy were to blame for the mass stranding and deaths of a pod of pilot whales on the north coast of Scotland in 2011, it has emerged. A report released by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs on Wednesday cited …

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