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Russia appoints new “Human Rights Major»


Tatjana Moskalkova wants to criminalize and imprison the punk group Pussy Riot for attacks on morale. Now she has been appointed Russia’s new “Human Rights Major.” Human rights activists fear they have lost their last defense when Major General Tatjana Moskalkova is appointed as new civilian ombudsman in Russia. With a background …

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Protests Against EU Border Closures


On April 23rd-24th, several protests occurred in Germany and Italy against border closures in the European Union (EU). More than 50,000 people are stuck in Greece, and many more in Turkey and Northern Africa as a result of EU border policies and the creation of what activists call Fortress Europe. The …

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Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs Sanders


Renowned political theorist Noam Chomsky is often cited for his criticism of the US political system. In the second of a special two-part interview, Chomsky sits down with Mehdi Hasan to discuss the US presidential election and the rise of Islamophobia. The US academic says Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders …

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