Sophie Scholl -German revolutionary of the White Rose

by Siouxs, Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 15:20 (881 days ago)

'The white rose' was a resistance group of students against Hitler's regime during the 2nd world war. They used leaflets and graffiti to inform the people and call for resistance.

I dedicate this t-shirt made in 2007 to them and co-founder Sophie Scholl, who was sadly executed by the German Nazi's in 1943 in Munich.
When the design/shirts were made I did not know yet of this resistance group until I came across a post on the film/docu '10female Revolutionaries that you probably didn't hear about in Highshool'
For more info go to the website of Filmsforaction org

The drawing of the Rose carries the letters 'sioux' in it as some other symbolism.


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