Freedom for Aleksander Koltsjenko & Oleg Sentsov.

by Antifa, Sunday, December 20, 2015, 12:53 (429 days ago)

Aleksander Koltsjenko (antifascist and enviromental activist) has been sentenced to 7 years in Russian Prison. Himself coming from the Oekraine.

The movie director (maker of 'the Gamer') Oleg Sentsov was send to 20 years in jail.

This all done within a set up trial showing no proof and without a real chance of defense.
Both were accused of terrorism. What is true is that they both protested against the militairy take over by Russia in the Krim area.

Both are political prisoners and we want their freedom.
Many individuals and organisations called for their release from prison such as the Russian ABC, Red & Black and Amnesty International.

Please join.

Freedom for Aleksander, Oleg and all political prisoners in Russia!

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