Siouxsie music mixtape

by Siouxs, Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 19:55 (743 days ago) @ Lala22

That's right..but what's your point on this 'repeat'?
Probably its lala
Anyway, couldnt care less about mystic'
On suicide, well not me as long as I am able to piss off capitalist wankers, New democratia or Golden Dawn, Front National, PVV, Vlaams blok, Sharia for Belgium' wankers etc" I live to see nazi's and fascists beg and then I be an inglorious basterd and with tha heads yes sir (: That's me! Direct action in da family! ("
A Siouxsie image for you to enjoy- looks very nice if you ask me. I would never chop off her head btw..she's a queen for real. Not one that bows to and serves the poor rich.
Doesn't have got that much to do with Anarchism..but the image is nice anyway!:-D
Lovelovelove I say.

Bow she afraid the image is too big- doesn't appear, so I have to bring it down/make it smaller to ad here on this page later on.

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