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by Siouxsies, Saturday, April 11, 2015, 11:10 (682 days ago) @ Peacemaker

_To C>- On the Anti opression-I have send many messages but it seems they did not speak out in Damsko.I also believe these admins, (Nivag etc) are simply not playing their part very well (but the messages were opened and on time- but their 'answer' was clear on fb..the opposite- A rocked! LOL!! yea I know...sad they dont know the real deal there), that means I do doubt the messages were ever send forward. Yet we still have the 1love connection so we can always connect with L. (but call it an ant ok)
Yesterday the ants were not there and so nobody knows for real right now. But dont count on anything.Probably not a word and if not on FB it is not any serious solidarity action anyway-should be done publicly as statement. It seems they dont understand the importance of these places, to stand with their supporters and take it maybe as 'another casual victim'-not important for them (shows the 'imagination' of m too-scared for being 'political' or such) They are probably like all the bigger groups, too big, too far from their supporters and with that 'dead', out of reach so to speak. Probably afraid to speak out, and like we said before;

'If you don't speak/act out in times of opression, you have chosen the side of the opressor"

We talked about this and we hope you agree that we do abbandon all 'polular culture' from now on. The new stations and connections we make will be only about direct action and resistance. The 'Autonomous' squad also gave their support and will join hands.
Also a greeting from the Zapa's and the roars Am statt! ("
Support right now to the students occupying the Bungehuis in Amsterdam.
Taking back an Ant squat -same time,same place- would also be a good statement.
But will take many to support, be there/stay in place. Dunno if that gonna happen right now (exhaustion rains supreme) but we would for sure-frontline. So I hope you get the word. take it easy (try too I know) and stay safe and kickin. Forward the revolution and stop counting on help from the stars will ya (" Lets take back our beach now

Respect and love to A-revolt
-Stand strong and proud-

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