Wall of Death -new Prodigy back on track

by Siouxs, Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 20:14 (672 days ago) @ Siouxsies

Well, was to be expected and can't blame the band. I cant blame them for being big because they are real good so..It was worth trying because if they make a public statement at least it's being read. Im sure they even would if they could, dont think that is even such a big deal for them or that they would be scared to speak out and loose fans by being political, choosing a 'side'. (It is their side, otherwise they would be 'singing' crap all the way..no they probably do care. Them not speaking out doesnt mean they dont care, try to get that.And I bet they are not even aware or got it in time (open all 'fan mail lol?)..dont forget these people have lots more on their mind then most people and next to that, they don't know these places so it's probably hard to make a 'blind' solidarity statement in another country..yeah go inform them about the 'no borders' movement too(:

I do think it could always be done btw, to make a public statement shortly during a gig, interview, whatever, simply because it can't hurt a thing to speak some truth and resistance.
But they made a great new album at least most tracks are dope. Invisible sun is bassrunner nr1! Neighbours were in shock/comawoehaa..but its allright now(:

Btw, some sick unbrave snakeheads in the old Snake squat
seemed to have 'officially' distanced themselves from the protes, the barricades being made on state & capital violence and repression. They critisized others with another opinion about how to resist?!! That's some wack sh't to hear for real.
That does not mean it's not a very sad thing all these creative, social graffiti painted buildings are being taken from the street, public eye and people (or that is was the opinion of all living inside that particular building. But it was very foolish to hear that some people actually living there did not support their own supporters, those that were resisting! That is an act of pussies and fools standing in line hoping for happy mondays.

I say long live the Prodigy and they made some fkkin dope new 'statements' on the album so no more asking solidarity or having critics on this. Even if it was an attack on the 'ants'(also no 'blame' on the admins or such..damned! (Thats ant order fool!(: Cant rush or 'demand' something and we should not even want/try to ever..never even expect, then it won't bite ya...ah knows.
Allright then, lets go, to da beach!

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