Wall of Death -new Prodigy back on track

by vastonsmith, Thursday, April 30, 2015, 12:35 (663 days ago) @ Siouxs

Well, was to be expected and can't blame the band. I cant blame them for being big because they are real good so..It was worth trying because if they make a public statement at least it's being read. Im sure they even would if they could, dont think that is even such a big deal for them or that they would be pass4sure 200-120 ccna simulator
scared to speak out and loose fans by being political, choosing a 'side'. (It is their side, otherwise they would be 'singing' crap all the way..no they probably do care. Them not speaking out doesnt mean they dont care, try to get that.And I bet they are not even aware or got it in time (open all 'fan mail lol?)..dont forget these people have lots more on their mind then most people and next to that, they don't know these places so it's probably hard to make a 'blind' solidarity statement in another country..yeah go inform them about the 'no borders' movement too(:

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