Belo Monte Dam is a genocide of nature.

by Anon, Saturday, February 15, 2014, 15:49 (1378 days ago) @ Anti dam

Info brought just last week on the business deal by Brazil on the Belo Monte Dam construction with the Chinese company (state) IEEE Bala Monte.
!!While they tell the people and media that the court is hearing (indiengous/local)people now, and that the construction is stopped for the mean time they just go on and spread their lies since decades now in the hope we all forget?
China never cared much for enviromental damage as long as the 'communist' empire sees money-they indeed care for green a lot.

A regime that brutally overwhelms Tibet with opression, censorship, threats and a Chinese citizens invasion aka genocide of culture" is perhaps the ideal partner for Brazil's facist ways to deal with the enviroment, the Indigenous or poorer populations.

-Against the Belo Monte Dam's-

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