Police raids on 'everbody' in the EU.

by Spiral Tribe, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 13:33 (1363 days ago)

In search for "illegal Aliens" or people that might not carry any legal ID papers on them, police now blocks whole blocks and streets.
In Belgium (today also happily announced as a succes? by a police/media spokesman because already thousand people were arrested for not having their ID on them.),
the Netherlands, the UK (etc) there have been such actions carried out by the police force where complete neighbourhoods (Netherlands) or streets (Belgium/uk)
we're surrounded and locked off by police in full strength.
In such case a street (or even a whole area) gets cut off and all sides/exits or both sides of the street are suddenly blocked so no one can escape the ID-check and search for 'illegal goods or practices'.

While we believe however that no Human is illegal, they put on their roadblocks and borders.
The Dutch focused mostly on certain hoods that according to them had probably a higher level of criminal activities because (as was stated by a spokesman) unemployment was bigger then in some other places.
It had the sad effect of some 'ghetto' raid by the nazi's in wo2.
This also because many houses were searched and even fines were given for people that had changed something at their house. (could even be the frontdoor painted in a new color without their aproval.) People were not allowed to leave for sometimes several hours.

This also clears that we as people are not equal at all but now are being discriminated, criminalized and labelled based on social conditions.
The so called 'better'(richer)areas we're left alone when it comes to such controlmania.
It shows very well we aren't equal but only some potential 'criminal' numbers to the organised Democrazy of Hypocrisy.
Making everything illegal will not make less 'criminals'.


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