everyone is equal, however some are more equal than others

by madhatterz, Thursday, October 24, 2013, 11:57 (1489 days ago)

It seems to be a truth in that "anarchists" and left liberals are very aware of hierarchies, and so forth have a strict pecking order among themselves.. a sort of unconscious hierarchical structure, where as it is very difficult to operate on equal terms/level as comrade to comrade.
Instead we are left with trotskyist behavior patterns across the board.. whereas those with a large network base or with the cool and the gang ( on fashbook and elsewhere) declare themselves important.. more important than anyone else... with permission to troll and abuse others

so forth the Orwellian statement " everyone is equal, however some are more equal than others" becomes the truth..

And those that don't fit into this picking order or wont accept it.. are immediately outed by any means possible.. in true trotskyist fashion.

it is almost impossible to operate in such an environment, especially if you are in a hard situation socially or in general life.

where is this movement heading from the revolutionaries in the beginning of the 1900s to...?

What is your experiences and thoughts on the movement and the picking order within it ?

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