everyone is equal, however some are more equal than others

by All Bosses Are Bitches, Thursday, October 24, 2013, 12:12 (1488 days ago) @ madhatterz

Many people on the so called Left can be very ignorant or being intellectual very annoying and doing in their daily behaviour sadly exactly what they claim to be against. Like being anti-hierarchy, being for liberty but still looking down upon everything that doesn't fit their world view, or excluding them from having a say.
Like the leftisch ladies I once spoke explaining to me that EZLN/Libertad coffee was 'bad coffee' because some people in it have resisted power with 'violence'.!?

The only way 'Anarchy' can work, is in total liberty, that means every kind of Hierarchic structure (means opression) is bad, even probably if it is a structure voluntarely chosen by the people itself.
There are no 'good bosses' so to speak in my point of view, and they are (even more important) not needed.

To keep it short, I can understand why some might people fall for Hierarchic thinking, but that doesn't make it allright.

"were not the same but we gotta carry each other"

One love

Be free

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