To live humanly, sanely, one has to change

by Cookie, Monday, May 26, 2014, 22:43 (1278 days ago) @ rafi dawn

It sounds a bit like 'begin with yourself" as all our politicians tell us too.
Even if that is very true.
It's in a way also kinda 'hippie or hare nonsense' if all the good work' we try to do, the poistive vibes we spread, that change we make in ourselves for the better, is simply trampled and killed-censored-denied-forbidden-opressed by a legion of fascists, businessmen, politicians, working/middle/upper class idiots.
The 'good' (or even true hapiness) can only really grow when it got fresh air, water, love and freedom.

I am also not any part of society because I live on this planet. I am part of it because I am forced more then this comes natural. To me there is no society that I am part of really, I feel more that I am just alive on this planet, indeed together with others- but part of it is a big thing when you are mostly not even welcome to participate in anything but commercial crap and nonsense to keep the people busy.
You can be peaceful in the mind all you want, but Im not going to be kicked around. You can have the greatest love for life or the best Karma of the world, it will dissapear soon as some nazi scum starts bating you up for the color of the skin or the way you dress. Then I always get pissed very much and in one second..ooops there goes my good intentions in keepin the peace. Not even my fault.
Maybe we should first change the system, then ourselves!;-)
I feel the other way around is hopeless as well in the current a situation we live in.

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