Can anarchy work among non-anarchists? Who is the third part

by curious, USA, Sunday, October 27, 2013, 17:02 (1486 days ago)

For anarchy to work, it must assume that there will be a large faction, if not a majority, of people who oppose anarchy and want government (initially, at least). To assume that anarchy would work when there are only anarchists is meaningless - any system would work if everyone believes in it, which is why small, homogeneous societies throughout history have experienced very little social conflict. How can this be resolved without force? All revolutions have its dissenters, and dissenters are usually put down by institutions such as military or police. They keep order. The flaw in anarchy, to me, seems to be that there is no third party to mediate disagreements or serve as an 'objective' look on the conflict (enforced system of laws) when there are conflicts. No one has any right to impose one's own will over another individual, or another group. I'm not saying I believe that we have that right inherently, not philosophically speaking, anyway. But one must admit that it makes things very convenient and streamlines the conflicts that inevitably rise when groups don't see eye to eye with one another. How can this be resolved?

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