Why Obama is not the blame.

by Aline, Wednesday, June 04, 2014, 18:19 (1269 days ago)

I shall begin with making clear that I do not wish to see any states, presidents and bosses' at all. (Including self made titles as Bruce Bringsteen has)
So this writing won't get me much 'anarchist' friends I suppose, but I don't really care for that, just felt like speaking up, because of the sometimes way too hateful, and too personal critics B.H Obama has been given.

Barack Obama is to begin with only a spokesman, as we all know, and that for the 'whole' of the American people. I believe he is really trying to be that kind of person, that leaves none out. That is a good thing to start with. The man got humor and self reflection as well. He has got skills to get a message across even if the 'change' promised was not always delivered, due to the 'always' stagnating 50/50 way of the American political system and congress.

He also made very good and humane statements and gave personal support to many matters, as he did as example at the T. Martin' murder/trial, when he stated "I could have been him'.
If you ask me, he is in fact a 'blessing' if there must be a president anyway.
And since there still sadly is many people accepting such a system, power positions, representatives and titles, we maybe should maybe be happy with Barack sitting in the white house if we compare that to the 'threat' of some other candidates taking that position.
Ofcourse with this not said I do aprove or accept this political system and structure.

Michelle is into the 'green thing' as limited as they both are in their freedom to talk out loud or give their opinions.
Barack knows things have to change because this is not all sustainable.
And therefor I do am glad in a way we have at least a human in place there, one with some intelligence and that frees it's warriors rather then leaving for dead.
We must also understand that some religious extremists out there actually should be fought, may it not be in the way the US army does so.

Another reason that I would not like to see him 'screw up' is because that would be an ultimate laugh for all nazi scum out there, 'see a black man can't do sh*t' they will shout happily.
Critics I have ofcourse as well; the Keystone, the Drones, Fracking, Wall str, GMOnsantos (not labelled), Snowden (being wanted), Manning being locked up, Leonard Peltier still locked up as many more, keeping bombs and bases in polulated areas etc.
Ofcourse these are not reasons to keep up a state or a system like this, not even the so called democracy they have, simply because democracy can become very ugly easily and I feel we don't need such titles and positions of 'leaders'.
True democracy is something else that the US interpretation of it.
Maybe all I can blame him is accepting the title of 'president'.
But Barack himself as a person is not my problem at all, it's this system and it's true ruler$!

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