New edition of 325 insurrectionist zine. -A reaction

by Anonymous, Sunday, June 22, 2014, 16:12 (1251 days ago) @ anon

Hello people that posted this message here.
I decided to write a little comment here, on this post- as critic and support at the same time. I suppose nobody is gonna read this comment anyway so;-) why not!?
So just a critic because I guess you make your mag to reach people, to get reactions and even critism. I felt you people are open to critism as long as it comes from a mind that longing for the same freedom. So this writing here is never ment as being smart, as cheap critism or as some intellectual talk to 'be interesting' or sending you my 'morality'. But I guess you uderstand- so in solidarity and in support. (Btw, I am not the admin, just saw you post here and recalled this earlier edition of 320.)

I came across and read your magazine around 2011. I dont recall the nr of that issue except it was shortly after the UK uprising-riots, on which there were some writings in it. It was about this 'moralism' many people, also anarchists had on the riots. 'talk is cheap' to put it shortly indeed. Gotta confess, the article written there by one person did actually made me realize I was doing the same crap as too many already, that was 'judging' or typing some critisism on these riots. Let me explain. I grew up as a little kid the same way like the article wrote, always being on the wastelands, the painted alleys, the railroads or abandoned factories and places. And i guess every wasteland has got it own kigs hanging around, trying to find a place of adventure, of liberty and without all these 'adults' around.
That article made me realize I had written something similar as a comment under a yt (riot) vid as well. I wrote some critism on Prime time tory dude Cameroooon for him never pointing at the murder that all started this.
He was also only being 'against the youth', simply cause he never showed any TRUE feeling of understanding about the frustrations and anger they have. I guess he never played on the wastelands that long..He denied that real (and often 'just')anger there is in many people and made things even worse by this. Think on how many kids alone get in trouble for standing outside having some fun, drinking a beer or smoking a joint that doesnt harm nobody.
But at the very moment, in a way, being kinda sad to see kids only going after new shoes and products (not a 'real revolution' or to truly change the old ways)-was my feeling at the moment.
So I also made this mistake, to sit back and 'judge', while being just the same as them (moralists- the 'masses' and the priviliged) and by this comment simply overlooking their frustrations (same as mine!), that there never will be any smooth- good' revolution cause it will always have bad elements.
But at the very moment I did not see much 'good' coming out of it, presented by the main media too this way ofcourse, to simply make it all look senseless.
So most of these 'critics' on the rioting youth was also overlooking the true frustrations of the youth being opressed. Should we expect the youth to suffer in silence. Ofcourse I still feel a lot of sad things happened by opportunists and some gangbangers.
I saw beautiful old buildings being destroyed (and I still feel truly sad about also beautiful things being destroyed like that, kids robbing other kids over nothing- that can never be my revolution) But again, my critics (I wrote something like; 'A real revolution is not a capitalist sell out- too many of these rioters don't care for people at all') in my anger at some truly sad, nasty shit I was seeing too.
But this article in 325 actually was very helpful to overcome that feeling and make me realize the 'truth'.

But in the same edition I recall there was also something about 'ITS'.
I did understand their feelings towards nano-technoligy etc very well.
Still, I must admit (you can see I even use the computer) that I am not fully against the use of technoligy in all ways. I think it's also very hard to 'deny' all these already made findings and technoligies. But that would be a long discussion really.
The article explained very well why these people are being against Nano (and other) technoligies that hurt the planet and the people. And I understand this very well again, but the use of letter-bombs really bothered me personally I must say.
I recall some other anarchist writing as well saying this is an 'absent practise' me at least and many more. This because I truly feel,(so I hope you understand this point of view) that using these 'bombs' is just the same sad way that you fight against; the use of 'damaging technoligies'.

Because it said the bombs were posted, I think it was done by the post/mailing, and so any common postman doing his simple job (dont tell me that- he is part of/guilty too crap) could become a victim of such explosives. And dont tell me they are ever 'safe' either.
For the same reason I also feel the Una bomber was perhaps right in it's conclusion (at least a big deal of it) but not in the way he responded to- true as well- a corrupt and consumerist, busy society that would not even listen to his sincere warnings and concerns.
But putting some explosives in a letter is a very dangerous act to me and I find it also 'cowardly' in the the same way as the Authorities use their drones. I guess others would say 'well then we give them the same thing back', and I understand this view very well, but still my 'message' would be 'Don't become the same' as those opresing forces and the way they attack others.
(That means to keep an eye on all perspectives, not to become 'opportunists' and look at all elements of the revolution so that the carried out actions are done in the way, by the same 'theory' as we want our revolution to be, in the same way we (mostly) promote the Anarchists 'freedom-solidarity and equality'.
Think about some young secratary answering the phone and opening the mail for the big bosses? We should never even take a chance such a person gets hurt simply because of our own 'beliefs', even if they are 'true'. Then we would act the same shitty way, and also fear not even a single boss -cause they are often protected against this-often the simple 'worker' is the shield they use. And all those silly bosses doing bad business can be replaced easily and the action itself will often reach 'nobody' that would understand such an act even with a good communique along with it.
Anything (placing or sending bombs) that can hurt bystanders (our brothers and sisters) like this (to me at least) is a stupidity and blind anger. I can never support this. This is not a 'non-violence' speech i am giving here, just my feelings that everything should be done to avoid such misery and harm towards other human beings. (And they are!)

For example, the bomb letter or devices, however it is done, that is posted by the mail is taken by a friendly man or woman that also happens to read your magazine- is an anarchist but earning a simple living as a postman.
So he sees the adress of this corrupt filthy company, bank or institution and decides (bad postman!;) to not deliver this mail to this 'bad place', cause he knows about it. He keeps the letter in the hope for some secret info, (some cash maybe;) to give to you as help. And then this postman gets blown up because he opens the mail..get my drift?
Ofcourse there are some bosses and 'mafia like' people I wish to see dead for real, but it ain't the girl behind the desk or the mailman.
Im not trying to be 'moral', to be nice and good to society or the 'masses', I write this because I simply feel this way. We should learn from the mistakes, as the RAF did in the past. I am not saying their goal, to stop certain activities and a opressing system was wrong by this or all the actions their carried out were.
Violence can be surely needed in self defense and when authorities and companies go to far in their destructive or facist behaviour and won't listen to the people.
As example, not to fetish anything like 'violence', I also feel the RAF had many good actions, but the big mistakes were actually/mostly the 'blind bombings' I feel personally.

Anyway, I wrote this hear, not have cheap critics, and also in support of the many good writings and actions done by people all over the world for the goal of freedom-shown in this magazine- but in the hope to get a perhaps a discussion on this practise of using bomb letters -done by you people yourself- but you can always use and even publish this comment here of me as a 'reaction, or as some 'kickstart for that chat.

In solidarity

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