What Lydia Eccles forgat on the Una bomber.

by Whalewriter, Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 20:49 (1182 days ago)

It is not the ideas or the writings by the Una bomber that I reject.
But sending around bomb letters by post is (to me) simply not human.
Everybody saying the 'enemy' does the same and there for it is legit and ok is insane.
Not because the enemy is peaceful or that that they should earn respect or that we should ne ghandi and non violent about it all.
But Lydia forgat that she maybe is clever' (?) enough to not go work as a desk girl, a post man/woman but not all people are that aware. Priviliged perhaps even?
Those common people doing a fukkin simple job will suffer for a so called good case but one that becomes immediatly 'shit' when such blind violence happens.
Those people will to get suffer from STUPID FOOLS that actually think some shitty bomb letter will do the trick, change the system or even scare those pityful gangsters on top. (not saying here resistance is not working..but I do feel the 'way' is important as well)

Anyway, if your so convinced then you should attack..blow up the fkkin poluting companies, control prisons and Dams, take a big truck and drive into that shithole of theirs when nobody is there.
But I guess you won't do that because sending a letter is oooh so safe..for you yeah.

No matter how much I agree with these people and the dangers, institutions and injustice they fight against. I dispise the Una bomber and also others for breaking that 'warrior code'.
But that's just my personal opinion.

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