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by Small Axe, Sunday, September 21, 2014, 18:36 (1160 days ago)

Greetings Admin.
I noticed the site is back (good news)
Kept on trying/pushing da button till it worked again (:
I hope the problem with the left/right wingers is over (I know, it's never over really since mankind has always known many cunts)
But I hope a good information and freedom site like A-Revolt will keep up because altough their is an overload of info out there, there is still a lack of good and honest, free/open sites like this.
I would try to make the site like this- that you don't have to much worries on spamming, wrong people looking for locations etc. Thing is that I'm no comp expert at all. But shortly, that it won't result into stress and fear for privacy against a real possible threat- that is wicked agressive people who feel like their opinion is superior. (Anarchists also promote what they believe in, do think perhaps they 'know better' but they do not opress their will as half of mankind is doing.
(They do might resist the hard way when their freedom is at stake for sure- but that is something else)
Agressive and intolerant people are all over sadly, like the agressive man I walked into this afternoon. ( a story on my mind) In the middle of the street, screaming at his daughter he would kill her cat, that he is the boss and not her (child was crying and around 10 years old?!)So when he wanted to beat her I called him 'scum', to stop him doing so..and then the fool went after me lol..the whole street had to know (he was drunk I think and screaming loud that it was not my business etc..but it suddenly became mine :) Anyway, I took a pledge' to end such crap if I run into it.
("Ain't the devil happy" -Jeru da D.)
Sadly these stupid ignorant people do not change soon.

Anyway, after having released my daily brat;-) , I just wanna say im happy the site is visible again and that I also support the admin in his decission(s) on this because I understand the worries he may have with doing this kind of 'controversial' activism. Take care- peace

In solidarity


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