Webmaster under threat of ultra right wing extremists in .NO

by Andre Dahl, Wednesday, October 01, 2014, 17:31 (1146 days ago)

The situation of the web master, Andre Dahl, of the a-revolt community project is deteriorating, while living under threats from ultra right wing and capitalists "cockroaches" in Scandinavia for 4 years, since he returned to Scandinavia, the web master has been moving from place to place, trying to live peacefully, however severe threats, hostility, homophobia? and sheer hatred keeps following him around, combined with exclusion and long term isolation from society and occasional alcohol abuse has led to many long term hospitalizations and a severe social problem which the health authorities only solution is forced drugging and detention, this has become so systematic that it appears organized. He has evidence that when he moved to his current address he was setup by people posing as members of the IWW union, or at least that is how it appears.

The situation right now is that the web master is voluntarily hospitalized at general hospital in Skien, Telemark with a broken right foot that is plastered, making it impossible for him to start relocating to south Europe for at least two week, he feels INSECURE in his surroundings, and suspect at least one other patient to collaborate with the right wing extremists. It almost appears as if staff is collaborating with these cockroaches.


Contact and letters may be sent to :
ulefossveien 55
Akuttpsyk 19a
Skien 3728

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