Don't these extremists pussies have a better target?!

by A great win for the Right wing!?, Friday, January 09, 2015, 14:14 (1050 days ago) @ No forgive action

To make my 1st message clear.
Im fed up with the discussion about 'tolerance' in the sense that we should NEVER hold back in matters such as making cartoons.
IS knows no tolerance- so we don't tolerate them- as any opressive regimes including fascist Western capitalist sell outs btw.
I myself would never make a cartoon that would have the intention to hurt anybody's feelings...but maybe I did can I know where the line is for others?
This is the sickness these religious extremists have...NO self-reflection or any understanding of the world at all. All comes from a book..just one book..says enough.

That is simply why I state this: Do not hesitate to be free in forms of expression.
No religion, no gods can judge that liberty.
That is MY belief.
I will kill for my belief too if I have too.
And that I why there is no question that such people should be attacked by us if we know for sure they are like that.
Not cause to more hatred, but to make this world a better place.

But now look what happens (what perhaps will happen); the sick right wing politics and media is gonna walk away with more votes and support, that they gladly (probably)will take by this sad event.
It's big win for the Right wing.
Many in the government are probably laughing (secretly) on the deaths of those journalists.
And they are not that tolerant as those now killed.
I also don't say all the work of those journalists was great, I simply am not informed that much and haven't followed their publications before this all happened.
But there is NO discussion possoble with me on the subject of freedom of speech (which is unlimited to me)
Thanks a lot you 'believers'.

Give thanks and praises to the true Great Spirit (nature itself!!)

Death to the Paris killers of freedom of speech.

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