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by Jesus the Anarchist (;, Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 15:26 (1029 days ago) @ a-revolt_org

Hello A-revolt.
Yeah sorry btw for my impulsive reaction here above.
Letting of some steam, simply was that fed up with this nonsense; people killing each other over gods' comics and more of that funny stuff.
Felt like writing down my angry feelings (together with the rest of Europe, the world I guess.) Je suis Charlie you know.
Btw, God is 'nature' to me,(= 'holy') But it's just a name to express the 'power of life, of creation, love, of free choice too.
So 'god, allah, is really everything, the galaxy itself, all life.
And it's not a force that judges' in the way humans do I guess, it just brings life, the possibility to 'be' and to choose, to be free. God/life/nature does not want to chain any beings, any life into slavery if you ask me. It surely would not act like a dictator that would rule by fear. (as many religious act/feel like)
So I believe, but not in 'ghosts' and religious written laws, sharia and all that.
These (religious extremists) people are simply wrong and fascists.
Nevertheless shouting 'kill extremeists' was a bit imature of me (:
(Still think it's a splended idea but maybe it sounds a bit harsh' hehe)

Anyway, much love and respectos to you and this site.

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