The dominant idea

by All Bosses Are Bitches, Sunday, October 27, 2013, 18:57 (1485 days ago) @ madhatterz

It often seems like a fight to win any kind of discussion.
Often people dont seem to really care for a solution or a real conversation, not even to spread their (true) opinion. They seem to be focussed on 'winning' alone, while there is nothing to win too often in such behaviour or in winning some kind of conversation, we only loose this way.

Sometimes our best and true allies we will find in strange places, or at least often not in the world of activists itself or known 'anarchist' places.
We find them at anywhere....not being present there(: hanging in train stations, factories, playgrounds, wastelands and alleys, perhaps not even aware of any anarchist lecture or theory at all..just being' it.
If we live and are everywhere', if we stay away from the backstabbers, their 'institutions' and 'experts' of the activist/(A) world as much as we can, we can secure/protect a bit of our 'pride', our own independence, our own thoughts and love of anarchism (will be less affected by the negative vibes of other people or 'anarchists'....never confuse them (the sukkaz and experts) with the idea of 'Anarchy' itself, which is something beautiful (people can make everything look like shit and make others run away..they are not anarchists, they are it's enemies') and we are able to create something better ourselves, just learning from their shitload of answers, exclusion, fingerpointing, false accusing and critics...that we will never ever become like them.

(Nice text, oldie but goldie; The Dominant Idea by Voltairine de Cleyre)

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