Greetings A-revolt!

by Siouxs, Thursday, February 19, 2015, 16:19 (1005 days ago)

Just a note of 'life' here, cause I was not able to follow all news, the site the last weeks due to circumstances/busy. Anyway, sending ma love to all you cats out there and especially Andre.
(Btw, I also got a note from that Phillipines Anarcho collective -if you read this-and ofcourse I will gather some anarchist& good graffiti magazines/books and send them for your library. Did not had the time to write a proper answer and send it but I did read/got your mail.
I hope to get a few nice ones soon that I can donate/send to you then. (I like that better then giving money altough ofcourse a book will not solve that problem of the costs of living today)
Maybe others like to do the same, send you some books/music etc.
Take care and i'll be back.(:

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