What original anarchists and modern anarchists find chaos co

by Emma ⌂, Sunday, October 27, 2013, 19:10 (1486 days ago)

I'm well aware of the difference between communal anarchism with underlying principals of self-order being bound by an ungovernable contract of free will within the limits of equality. I know the egoists were more centered on the free will of the individual.

But i'm curious about specific egoist or modern post-left/insecrrectionary anarchists who elaborate on chaos and its relation with anarchism.

What original anarchists and modern anarchists find chaos compatible with anarchy or anarchism?
The rejection of governmental or authoritative "chaos" has been mentioned a few times by social and individual anarchist authors. The mentioning of the term anarchist order by produn does not stop the notion of the order of chaos from making sense or for it to be considered to be compatible with anarchism as well. But little is known about their views of pure non-governmental chaos or egoist-nihilism being maintained through chaos as part or compatible with of any branch of anarchism more so the egoist and individualist kinds.

Some seem to view chaos as a means to take over society for anarchism. But this again has not been greatly explained in detail or commonly supported by all. Rather just a means of idealistic revolutionary destruction or protest destruction through moments of chaos.

What are some anarchists that embrace chaos or even mention it as compatible or synonymous with anarchy or anarchism:

Aside of Hakim Bey there has been:

Peter Kropotkin, Words of a Rebel, 1885 (Look at Bottom on link):


Does Stirner, ever do so?

Anyone else?

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