The 7th way

by Siouxs, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 14:29 (920 days ago) @ Siouxs

I am practising for becoming the new Subcommandante("
(still practising! :)
No, just kidding (in some parts at least) and putting some humor in all this mess, as the Zapa's asked us all to do in one of the latest Zapatista-Ezln-6th declaration.
Yet I am a bit afraid laughing the enemy away will not do ("
We only want the last laugh ofcourse, till that time we rather stay depressed and down with the shadowtime eclipse.
A & C are creating a new battelstar Gallactica-under construction but soon ready to fly dragon style-Pit name shifting.;-)
Siouxs will ofcourse be posting here(: Can't stop that(" Got just as much writingmaniac as Marcos (or talking as Castro)..good lads tough! Not so say I agree on it all, but very much I do. I personally (the one writing thiz) never wanted to critise that much, especially not tell others what to do and what to believe in. I rather learn from mistakes, create something new or better if possible.
Like going for 'positive' media representation, which is just as bad as sitting at the same table of the business men and politicians..look to long..and you become the same abysshit-or longing to reach 'masses' and many other mistakes we made in the past)Read the essays of E. Goldman on that already long ago.

You know, those city bumpers, that crazy bunch of colourful cool cats, those unbroken basterds..the incredible syndicate worldwide! (which is so fkkin big can count them on one hand- yet!, they have skills and have connections-yesyes, very important these days if you wanna get ya likes and thumbs up these days!(;
(Think of putting some make up on ya face too..will do you good("- so anyway, that most inglorious affinity group that was inspired by indians and germans as Gudrun..that was several defeated (but never by Custer, Ceasar or cleoptra..those kings/cunts ahd it coming we stated already years ago!) Play it loud! ("..but never killed still stading strong and proud as some we wont surrender Vice Squad damned.
The siouxsies and antiz that went in to the woods, into the dark,the warm shadows reclaiming the wilderness as well as eating the urban cookies!

Over-transmit-never surrender-transmit
last train to transcentral

SubcommandAnte of the Sioux squaddrone ("

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