There is no Tomorrow or worse

by Siouxs, Saturday, November 02, 2013, 18:05 (1480 days ago) @ Webmaster

I think it is a good, informative movie that teels (like End:civ) the truth about enviromental problems, that we shouldn't rely or trust on new hopes, technoligies or anything to save the current mess from a big disaster.

Every day thousands of species die out now.
That used to be more like dozen a day (has always been part of nature as new species come alond as well)
Never have we lost this much life and nature, MANY for good.
Not to be restored and no Jurrasic park tricks either for those species too.
That is why the battle of the Warriors of the Xingu -Amazon Rainforest or those in Canada and the US is so important.
We should in all ways support and join such this resistance against the powers in control no matter where we live. Direct action and support is very much needed on all levels and urgent.

So many beautiful forests, species have died out and taken away.
We should not only prepare (as this docu/animation tells) for such a future of 'less' and changes but we should prepare the fight against the machine, against this system of exploitation, opression and death'.

There is no reason in watching a beautiful, magical, colourful planet/world die, just as it is suicide probably to go fight against the dinosaurs of modern day bull$hit.
We should however not be scared (cause death is more certain in letting them continue this way) and fight and attack what is killing our nature and lives, even if that means a permannent state of rebbelion, problems and war with the powers in control.

We should (all those who are not willing to play braindead or be ignorant sheep, and seriously about trying to change the whole) prepare for the 'future of war', with those who bring this 'money making terror' and want to keep up the idea of endless growth,like the responsible companies and institutions. The whole idea of hierarchy and 'paying for housing' etc has to be banned out of our heads and lives for life-liberty-solidarity-humanity-dignity-for nature-'for god/for good'.

There is no hope, no tommorow', just us!


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