Global resistance-NO FUTURE is back

by Whalewriter, Sunday, November 10, 2013, 18:53 (1475 days ago) @ madhatterz

To Idle?! On the (global) movement.

The time of telling and explaining people to act is really over.
The truth is that only a small group of the people globally is feeling the need to act.
This will maybe look like we still got time- cause many are not that worried it seems. But that is not the case if you me and many more.
They are made (or born) braindead- Not a discussion possible- and so we should not expect they (the masses') will truly care, being in the zombie state they are in.

It is up to those, already aware by now, in what state the planet is in.
The exploitation,the destruction of all forests and rivers, the taking of all, life and freedom-with that all future- the facist regimes (For the people; read the story on the MOVE-HOUSE, in Philly in the seventies--that is government without a mask, if you do things yourself)

It is time to stand up. For all those critisizing 'Occupy'- then you didn't get it.
Even if many went 'wrong' in the movement.
Cause the message is still the same as then- which was a good one, one for direct and visible action for all to participate in. The Native 'Warriors of the Rainbow' Prophesy.

But was it ever really understood by those intellectual peoples?
The shitheads of the right and left knowitbetters- from the corrupt dirty business suits to the artyfarty temporay asskissers being all facist scum, causing only more hatred and seperation amongst the all suck dick.
Cause the exclude and divide- you create ghettos of classes, taste and censorship.

Idle No More ='occupy'movement. Nothing special Indigenous about it..and let's not treat it that way.
Before we know we are demanding the ancient right's giving to Sitting Bull or Red cloud in court- Good luck with that.

NO, the call is very simple: WOODBLOCKS- no Woodstock.
All that care, gather and unite.
From the Amazon (Belo Monte Dams) to the Tar Sands in Canada, to the Roemenian or German land..we have to stop and resist ALL further taking of land, forests and waters. (1-1-2013 A-I-statement) No explantion needed- no more justifications either.
True Warriors will come in all colours- Crazy Horse.

Occupy means to stay there, to not compromise with the destructive forces and authorities when they want you gone, and to NOT be represented by anyone but yourself, the others there, those that care and are involved.
To keep all bullshit out, and warriors in.
Stop waiting on masses or their aproval to do something positive.
Stop telling the media-they don't care.

We do Idle no more.

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