Solidarity with the Phillipines

by Aline, Saturday, November 23, 2013, 19:20 (1459 days ago)

Much support and solidarity, (and hopefully some direct action/goods as well) for the people in the Phillippines.
To the graffiti writers and anarchists who dropped some nice graf pics here (WPC; see forum)
To the people of the Phillippine Anarchist Library (that is/was in the making) and ofcourse all anarchists over there.

*Better then donating to the big charity funds is perhaps sending cash to people directly themselves over there if you know any in person (by Paypal or such, whatever possible)cause the Charity funds cant simply be trusted and are in the wrong hands.
Doing this yourself if your able will make it more sure the money is going where it's the common people.

I hope you all are doing ok after the storm that hitted the country.

Much love, keep your hearts alive.

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