People have rights, Ideas dont have rights

by Aline, Monday, December 02, 2013, 18:08 (1450 days ago) @ Errico Malatesta

Problem with 'rights' is, as soon as you claim them (to anybody else, person, state, company etc)...then you also aknowledge at the same their power.
Like asking ermission to a higher authority, to give them your rights.
They can't be given or cliamed really, only under a form of opression/authority.
And that is not we want, to beg for rights.

It is not a matter of claiming, demanding your rights, but being truly free to live like you want to, taling your rights as they come natural to you, without that liberty in doing is hurting other peoples, their 'rights' and freedom to live as they want.

(No duties (:

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