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REFORMISM by Errico Malatesta.

The fundamental error of the reformists is that of dreaming of solidarity, a sincere collaboration..
*Personal note-(I sometimes wonder if humanity can ever be truly solidair with each other, even if it would be in 'anarchy' (so without the idea of race, nations, masters etc)..and perhaps this (endless selfish fighting- even having 'ambitions' these days make us sell-out whores') IS the main problem of realizing true and free Anarchism, making it look like only idealism or Utopia never coming true to many people
Next to that, the 'upper classes' so to speak, will never feel the need and necessety for a revolution, a different, social and green society, since as always, you have to be 'in it to feel it'. The rich simply will never feel the need and by that the true needed devotion to change things. This need, is only felt by those who had/have their backs against the wall, those who ever faced total injustice (and did not forget about it), being bankrupted or homeless, being excluded, criminalized or labelled insane, those who faced the impossibillty to be even a human being if you take another path.)

..between masters and servants, between proprietors and workers which even if it might have existed here and there in periods of profound unconsciousness of the masses and of ingenuous faith in religion and rewards, is utterly imposible today.

Those who envisage a society of well stuffed pigs which waddle contentedly under the ferule of a small number of swineherd; who do not take into account the need for freedom and the sentiment of human dignity; who really believe in a God that orders, for his abstruse ends, the poor to be submissive and the rich to be good and charitable can also imagine and aspire to a technical organisation of production which assures abundance to all and is at the same time materially advantageous both to the bosses and to the workers.
But in reality 'social peace' based on abundance for all wil remain a dream, so long as society is divided into antagonsitic classes, that is employers and employees. And there will be neither peace nor abundance.

The antagonism is spiritual rather than material. There will never be a sincere understanding between bosses and workers for the better exploitation of forces of nature in the interests of mankind, because the bosses above all want to, remain bosses and secure always more power at the expense of the workers, as well as by competition with other bosses, whereas the workers have had their fill of bosses and don't want more!

(Umanita Nova, 10th of May 1922)
*More can be read in the complete text

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