What's queer gotta do with it?

by Sensitive, Sunday, December 08, 2013, 01:19 (1448 days ago)

On the 'queer thing', gay activists and the (Universal) Rainbow Symbol.

A bit of a sensitive; writing im gonna put here.
So please read this words with the understanding I believe in free expression, and that I have no room in my head at all for any facist ideas or such.
That is also not to offend any people and that all I write here is just my personal view on Anarchism/Anarchy as a movement of free individuals of all kinds, hetero, gay, black/white, full of shit or full of wisdom..
I also believe (especially) anarchists should be able to write freely and give their opinion without restrictions. That there should be no censorship by fake leftish moral standards pushed upon others, or any ignorant so called anti-facist reasoning.

The reasons to write is simply this.
I love the anarchist movement, the ideals, the freedom and equality it promotes etc.
So it is simply my love for anarchy that makes me write this.
Since being interested in Anarchism I happen to watch, visit some sites, info-shops in cities, some protests etc.
What I often notice is that the word 'Queer' is being related, almost everywhere, with anarchism itself.
This doesnt mean I have anything against gay, gender, queer topics etc. But to me, as being hetero, it is not of much interest, and still all over.
The Info shops and sites are often presented as; Info on Anarchy, activism, queer etc...leaving simply 'hetero' out lol.

So what about the 'hetero' people? I think Anarchism has got NOTHING more to do with being gay, bi-sexual, then with being hetero. If you say heteros are not being discrimated so that would be no 'topic' for anarchism, truth is, we ALL are discriminated for perhaps others reasons, we all are exploited and opressed by forces of power (some ofcourse way more then others, thats true), and that is why this 'topic' is just a little part of it all to me.
So to many (common) people it reads/looks like Anarchy (while visiting these places/sites) is directly related to the topic of being 'queer, Gay etc.
And why? (*without any intension by this comment here by me to make anarchy look better to the masses' or so)

Ofcourse adding topics about matters like the freedom of choice, the discrimination many gay people face daily is not a problem but a good thing, dont get me wrong. But to me, it would be better to make it a topic between the topics, not as some presentation' of Anarchism or info-shops-sites on the 'theory' of Anarchism itself. (like done well here at A-revolt)
It's a part, but certainly not a main' thing'to me and many others.
So my critic' would be to stop relating Anarchism that much (as often is done now) to the Queer topic. Ofcourse I understand the relation etween the struggle for libery in this matter and anarchism as theory, but still, it remains something personal. Presenting these line ups on Anarchist Info like; "Anarchism-direct action-queer.." simply leaves out the 'hetero' person...making it look more interested in Gay perspectives or such, which is false.
Anarchy is ofcourse not any more for gays then heteros!So many of the queer topics just seem to personal to me to ad as 'main topic' on Anarchism really.
The fundament of Anarchy is always the individual person, it's own will and freedom, taste and interests ofcourse.
I don't care a damn about what peoples personal sexual/choice/flavor/love is for others. They should be free to express and to do what they like.
But I am not interested (as happened once or twice) to see a protest on Austerity being took over by a bunch of Rainbow waving queers carrying more 'gay signs' then on the matter we were supposed to be there for. As example.
The subject is of far less interest to me (of none really, but with all respect to those who are) then for example the enviroment is.
Often the 'gay rights' get even more attention then the poor situation of our dearest mother Earth/Nature herself in many (A) info pages and writings.
I feel this is wrong towards the whole of the freedom loving movement of Anarchists.

Critic on: The RAINBOW symbol/flag;

was ment, by a long history, mainly of Indigenous tellings/legends, to be the Universal symbol for ALL people.
Not only a group fighting mainly for their own rights, declaring the Rainbow as their symbol (probably done without even knowing the (better) purpose, to see it as a symbol for all earth/life/libery loving creatures of ALL coloours and races.
(including gay and hetero!:)
As example; the Natives in America (like the well known Crazy Horse) have seen the Rainbow (and carried out) this symbol as well as other Hopi symbols, the Sun for creation' etc) as the sign of the 'Rainbow Warriors".
I still feel stronlgy the meaning is better off, belongs with the Universal message of freedom fighters for (A)ll.

Written in respect and peace.

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