Marijuana is legal as nature is.

by Jah said so, Monday, December 30, 2013, 11:09 (1422 days ago) @ Anonymous

A site/community network that would surely help to spread this info and petition is called:

(having many more petitions on injustice like this)
It is possible to ad your petition there yourself, the initiative has many followers, mainly from the US.

Ofcourse signing pets is not my fav thing to do, and often I don't believe in it.
But matters like this need some attention, because how we tolerate that a state uses a hateful law (opressed, never chosen) against people that should NOT even have to ask for their right' to smoke or grow some pot.
Nobody's business.

Pot/Marijuana has been legal' since the plant was presnet on Earth.
Nobody has the rights on them, not even Monsanto.

Smoke out all opression-long live liberty for All.

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