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by Maj'r Anne Arcky, Monday, January 20, 2014, 21:09 (1404 days ago)

The Resurgence: Some notes.
January 17, 2014 at 12:03am
This event page is run by a group of dedicated Anti-Capitalists who have been actively engaged in organizing for some time in the United States. We are a diverse bunch, representing a range of characteristics that transcends gender, race, and class boundaries to all come together for our common goal. The mission of this page is simple, in that we are here to promote and assist in the organization of what we believe will be the resurgence of something along the lines of the Occupy movement that took the USA by storm in 2011, and into 2012. We believe that at some point, this movement, in some incarnation or another, will come back and be even larger and more daring than the last was. For this reason, we are organizing for May Day and promoting events that are scheduled that day, with preference to those that look to push the boundaries as far as they can go.

The page title is something of a fill-in, and is subject to change, although at some point it will no longer change. We have many discussions about what it is we are trying to do. When we call it ‪#‎Reoccupy‬, we are not necessarily saying that whatever comes on May 1st, or at any point in the future, will necessarily look like the Occupy Wallstreet movement, and we don't really want it to, for tactical and growth reasons. Of course, we would love to see tens of thousands in the streets, shutting down the ports, and camping out in solidarity with eachother, but the movement was clearly bogged down by different things we hope we can learn from this time around, and therefore we cannot say that the next incarnation will look like the first. What we are referring to with the name is the resurgence of the Anti-Capitalist movement that is clearly simmering under the surface of this decomposing society, and that we have personally encountered at events we have engaged in in our own communities.

We are not reformists. We do not feel comfortable espousing reformists beliefs, or rhetoric, as we know from our experiences, and from the experiences of those in history, that whatever crumbs the capitalist class gives to the exploited can be rescinded just as fast. We have seen this most recently with the euro-crisis, where the Troika "rescue" has decimated the gains that the workers fought and died for generations before. We do not believe in compromise with the capitalist class that would take the food from our mouth, and the futures from our children. Instead, we advocate a total change in the political and economic order of the United States, starting with the mass redistribution of wealth back to the truly exploited (The third world, and the indigenous) and then we can take care of those of us who have benefited from that exploitation, and to have a true class consciousness in the United States is to understand that even if you are proletarian (Which, we know what that's like) that our way of life in the United States is dependent on the mass exploitation of the aforementioned peoples.

With our positions clearly stated, we look forward to May 1st. We know a lot of the reasons that things do not happen at the intensity or frequency that they happened in 2011, and 2012, which is largely due to infighting and burnout, but the only way to deal with that is to deal with it. In our city, we have spent a great deal of time "mending fences," so to speak, with other radicals and organizers and are looking forward to the events we have coming up as a result of these efforts. It may be helpful to do that, or it may be helpful to do another thing we have done which is to just take you and a few trusted comrades, and put something together in your own city, and meet and network with new people that way. A new infusion is good for the 2nd phase of what we anticipate, and it has certainly helped us a lot in our own organizing.

With that said, again, we look forward to May 1st, 2014, and hope that we can all organize events in our cities that signal a resurgence of the greatness that we saw in 2011. This movement is growing every minute, we are unstoppable.

In love and solidarity,

Mayday 2014 - #Reoccupy the USA

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