Need ALL your help! SOS XINGU

by Xingu Rising, Tuesday, February 04, 2014, 18:08 (1385 days ago)

A message to you...

At this very moment there is a huge Dam project being constructed in the the Amazon, Brazil.
This is called the 'Belo Monte Dam(s)' and it will put a large area of Rainforest, in the heart of the Amazon under water permanently, by blocking the Xingu River by many Dams all over.
It will also put around 50.000 locals and Indigenous people out of their land.

STOP this destruction now. Time to let your voices be heard.
So please do, in the way you want, by putting up videos, posters, texts and spreading information on this project where ever you can.

The people there are being denied and have no real voice in the mainstream media.
Also 9 activists in Brazil have been arrested for putting up info and supporting Anon messages on this project. Others have been opressed, jailed and even killed by trying to save the Rainforest against the destruction and exploitation by companies, government and people.
The "Belo Monte Dam' project is made by and only for the elite and will not benifit the common people as is being told by them. It is corrupted skeme agsint nature for the cause of profit alone. Alternatives are possible very well.

Raise awareness and support for what is coming sadly.
BOYCOY BRAZIL and the coming Soccer games.

Info: Docu/movie - "Announcement of a War" -against the Belo Monte Dam. (YT)spread..

---Operation 16. -against Belo Monte 2014.----Feb-March (or die)---------------

We don't forget..

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