Help save these vids from banning!

by Anon, Tuesday, February 04, 2014, 18:38 (1385 days ago) @ Xingu Rising

There have been put on a lot of videos in the past on the Belo Monte Dam project.

Sadly MANY have been deleted.
Many lot for its so called copyrights blabla..but we all know it is the message in the vids.

Too many and too much info/efforts to raise awareness has been lost already.
(Many people involved are dealing with problems right now getting any message trough.)

So please, if you are able, help these people out, Help 'ANON Brazil' with saving (in case)downloading and spreading some of the vids and info still left.

Vids to help save and spread:

-"OPAMAZONIA" by the channel of "Demonleaks Files"

-"Opamazonia'- (other version) Nao A unisa de Belo Monte. By; Anon BR.

(The Docu "Announcement of a war' against B.M. is still on btw)

Save the Amazon


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