Final declaration in defense of the Xingu

by AmazonWatcher, Thursday, February 06, 2014, 18:18 (1387 days ago) @ Anon

A letter (part of) by the Indigenous people who face the construction of the Mega Dam the Belo Monte (and many smaller Dams and projects)
Published by Amazonwatch (org). -On the Amazon-Urgent-

"We have occupied the construction site of the B.M Dam.
We are defending our land.
These lands have always been ours and now you (Companies/government/outsiders) have already taken a part of it.
And now you still want to take even more.
We will not leave.
You will come to kill us and we will die.
(Government has sent threats on behalf of Companies like Norte Energia)
But we will not leave without being hurt"... (official statement/text continues)...

"We want our peace, you want your war.."

(Also; Final declaration (written earlier on) in defense of the Xingu -against Belo Monte")

The construction is happening at this very moment so support is truly needed everywhere.

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