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by Anon, Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 13:01 (1381 days ago)

It is now working again (at leastsometimes lol?) but had serious trouble this morning pushing any button or opening a post on the site...I wanted to ad some topic in one of the Forum hope its gone to stay.

Btw, Stimulator is making Kuku fun of us in it's new vid intro lol:)Its us! (:Funkdoobiest and The Craziest!
Im supposed to be the Indian, your the Madhatterz hehe...(sorry man, cant help your the ugly one (:joking here ofcourse), I already got that native name you know, so I cant be that one;)

(Well, better crazy then into porn I always say lol!;)
1,2,3...take off!

Take care bro.:-P

-The (A) Foundation-

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