Need for Soli Aid

by Candies ⌂ @, Philippines, Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 19:12 (1353 days ago)

Hi folks from the reams of A-Revolt. My name is H. and is one of the few people assisting an infolibrary/event/activitycenter in the Philippines.

We are currently into renovating our space that we just moved in last December. The space is free, has a very big and convenient space, plus a backyard that were planning to use as a garden. However, since the space is free and we pay no rent there are still a few things we have to fix and renovate.
The ceiling of the space is literally falling down, and we are hoping to get this fix and done the soonest, however we lack funds in buying the materials that we needed, but has a lot of people to work on with us (the labor). Folks from 325 had aid us and send their help, however this is not sufficient to the total expenses needed to renovate the ceiling but was definitely a great and big help.

People, we will be needing your help. Please let me know whatever ideas you think or have. Please response to this thread as we have no access to personal emails as of the moment (as our computer is being fixed as well).

Love and soli,

Need for Soli Aid

by Aline, Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 17:54 (1304 days ago) @ Candies

Did you not get/read the mail?

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