Egypt's Revolution

by All Bosses Are Bitches, Thursday, October 24, 2013, 11:59 (1488 days ago)

Don't give up, don't give in to the opression of old or new authorities.
Demand (or even better), take your freedom. The liberty and equality you have been fighting for all this time.

Solidarity with the imprisoned and convicted Revolutionaries of Egypt, the Soccer supporters and Ultras in Cairo, Alex etc.
convicted for crimes often not even done or only being present in the situation/place/time of a riot, protest or uprising.
We demand their release and NO ececutions of these (political) prisoners.
Against the Death Penalty for the convicted actvists and Football Supporters.

As some revenge convicted by the old powers, (in mostly fake trials) the corrupt (in)justice system ,parts of the militairy, religious, capitalist and political forces, for their activism and resistance during the uprisings against Moebarak (and also Morsi, the (fake, represive parts of) brotherhood etc)
A way for the Authorities to divide the people, the revolution itelf, it's goal, to take out the forces behind it that are willing to fight and stand on the barricades.

Let this true Revolution for freedom be taken away, rearanged by some new people, political parties, fake Democratic processes,capital industries, Militairy, Interim regimes and presidents, so called leaders or corrupt judges and the Injustice system of Egypt.

As well as much support to all people in Tunesia and other places/countries that have stood up for a true change, for true liberty, diversity, social-anarchy or real/direct Democracy.
Solidarity with all anarchists, revolutionaries, activists, Egypt's blackblocks and all common people of Egypt who want their freedom, dignity and a free Egypt without any new autorities claiming victory or power.

Away with ALL bosses, for a true liberation and revolution of ALL the people.

No pasaran

Egypt's Revolution

by madhatterz, Thursday, October 24, 2013, 14:26 (1488 days ago) @ All Bosses Are Bitches

Solidarity to egypts freedoms fighters (A)

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