Right Said Ted -the Unabomber

by Anonymous Horse, Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 22:10 (1287 days ago)

Ted K- the Una Bomber was perhaps right on many things, but he went truly nuts with this blind posting bombletter campaign of his.
That is a crazy/stupid and cowardly act if you ask me and should never be supported by giving him 'credits' with a line of his at the top of this site if you ask me. (even if the line/writing itself is true)
It is stupid because he harms people blindly (like some drone does too)
Bomb letters in general are violent and blind tools that can harm simply all innocent people that might be around like some secretary girl just opening the mail, the mailman, people passing by etc.
He uses in some cases the same 'techniques'; that of explosives and 'modern technoligy' that is so fully protesting against.

So even if the man was right on his concerns on all this technoligy and smart/well informed on many things he wrote about in his declaration, his campaign was kinda less clever.
I rather read some Lucy or Bakunin then.

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