Have no mercy on the facists

by Anonymous, Friday, May 23, 2014, 16:04 (1281 days ago)

Without a doubt we have seen the greedy, nazi's, authorities and companies kill people all over the world.
There is no such thing as any future in this society/world as it currently is formed and ruled.
Because of all the widespread political violence against mostly peaceful people as in the Ukraine, Brasil, China, Palestina, France, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Nigeria (and no country seems to be excluded), this should be clear:

Protect yourselves against this facist hatred and violence.
As soon as anybody threats you or feels like putting your hands upon you, taking you in for no other reason then another opinion; kill them at sight and don't hesitate any moment. Look at the para-militairy nazi's who tried to kidnap some protesting women in the Ukraine, we should not wait or beg to end such violent acts anymore, don't be afraid for the camera at such moment but actually show where we stand for- that's killing nazi's sir!
Being Inglorious can be great.
This is not using only some big words, this is how I feel for real (so don't push me) and I know there are many more people out there that feel exactly the same.
One day those facists will walk into the wrong guy or girl.
Many 'good' people are being slaughtered and we can't let that happen.
We dont have a true future in this world if we let this all continue without resisting in all ways we can.
So maybe it's time to stop acting like we do have one or defend the one you might dream off with all you got. And that is more then only voting or signing petitions.
Action speaks..

In solidarity with all the victims of political hatred worldwide, the freedom fighters and those Ukraine protesters that fight and protest for true liberation.
-Against the facist nazi's, those uniforms that protect or support them.
Against all these violent pro-state thugs and nationalists that want to rule over others.

Peace..is a dead hope?:-(

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