Love Is Dangerous

by rafi dawn, Sunday, May 25, 2014, 17:28 (1275 days ago)

Love Is Dangerous

How can man live without love? We can only exist, and existence without love is control, confusion, and pain -and that is what most of us are creating. We organize for existence and we accept conflict as inevitable because our existence is a ceaseless demand for power. Surely, when we love, organization has its own place, its right place; but without love, organization becomes a nightmare, merely mechanical and efficient, like the army; but as modern society is based on mere efficiency, we have to have armies and the purpose of an army is to create war. Even in so-called peace, the more intellectually efficient we are, the more ruthless, the more brutal, the more callous we become. That is why there is confusion in the world, why bureaucracy is more and more powerful, why more and more governments are becoming totalitarian. We submit to all this as being inevitable because we live in our brains and not in our hearts, and therefore love does not exist. Love is the most dangerous and uncertain element in life; and because we do not want to be uncertain, because we do not want to be in danger, we live in the mind. A man who loves is dangerous, and we do not want to live dangerously; we want to live efficiently, we want to live merely in the framework of organization because we think organizations are going to bring order and peace in the world. Organizations have never brought order and peace. Only love, only goodwill, only mercy can bring order and peace, ultimately and therefore now.

J. Krishnamurti

Love Is Dangerous

by Lovers, Sunday, May 25, 2014, 22:07 (1275 days ago) @ rafi dawn

Love can also turn a man into a fool.
A dangerous man is one that has lost his love.
A dangerous man is one who loves but doesn't receive love back in a cold world.
A dangerous man is one that wants nothing no more, not even love.
Or as the Skraelings song; "Leaving all their golden rules behind, that's love!"
Or 'Love kills' by the Ramones.

But one thing is for sure; love can indeed be dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

(and life without love is worthless, that is true:)

Anarchy = love

Love Is Dangerous

by rafi dawn, Monday, May 26, 2014, 19:02 (1274 days ago) @ Lovers


but: love can not turn a man into a fool. maybe if one is in the state of falling in love.

Love Is Dangerous

by me again, Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 18:02 (1273 days ago) @ rafi dawn

I get what you mean and I agree but you perhaps know the saying "love can blind people". Or they might love someting very much and be true to it or the person that actually is bad for them. But they dont see it cause of the love' they personally do feel. (Or maybe that is no love but something else;)
(And to be a 'fool' can be a good thing too. We probably need to be foolish to have good laugh.
I like always quote songs so I will do with Seal and "Crazy" this time (:

Love Is Dangerous

by rafi dawn, Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 16:38 (1272 days ago) @ me again

i understand and u r right also with that: And to be a 'fool' can be a good thing too. We probably need to be foolish to have good laugh.


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