if one does not LOVE ... he or she is NOT A REVOLUTIONARY

by rafi dawn, Sunday, May 25, 2014, 17:39 (1279 days ago)

if one does not LOVE, if one does not strive for FREEDOM he or she is NOT A REVOLUTIONARY - because a revolutionary needs PASSION. no love no freedom no passion. no freedom no love no passion. no passion no freedom no love ...

and K says: In the state of passion without a cause, there is intensity free of all attachment; but when passion has a cause, there is attachment, and attachment is the beginning of sorrow. Most of us are attached; we cling to a person, to a country, to a belief, to an idea, and when the object of our attachment is taken away or otherwise loses its significance, we find ourselves empty, insufficient. This emptiness we try to fill by clinging to something else, which again becomes the object of our passion.

it is very important that we understand that - if we want to be REVOLUTIONARIES


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