Don't be afraid, nothing changed in the EU!

by Anon, Sunday, May 25, 2014, 22:36 (1276 days ago)

The winning of Neo Liberal or right wing parties, even worse; FACIST parties as in France happened does not mean a thing.
In a way it is always scary to see how many dumb people ther are but is that something really new.
We need not to be scared to polls and elections we all did NOT even participate in(:
So ofcourse they won, the rest stayed at home mostly, rightfully.
By the winning of such parties, many people get 'pushed' physically to go also vote perhaps the next time. Because they won'tlet the other party win.
That is how we are all tricked and pushed to give our votes even if we stopped believing in such elections.
We should however not be scared, not be pulled back into the arena of politics in such way but to stay even more true to ourselves, to increase our morality by becoming more independant and concious.
This because these sad folks will not rule us, we simply will not obey.
They can vote, elect, claim and design their laws as they wanna.
We will not respond as they want.
We must simply deny them, even ignore them and stay 'free'.
All we must do is laugh in their faces if they ever try to tell is what to do or try to push their will upon others.
That is where they will meet us in the future, not in any election competition.
If those parties, the right wing nazi scum (but also the fake left wing 'intellectual' sell outs) will come truly looking for trouble, they will recieve it.
We draw the lines, not them anymore.

The EU elections are a big laugh.:-( /:-P

Don't be afraid, nothing changed in the EU!

by Anon, Monday, May 26, 2014, 11:20 (1275 days ago) @ Anon

I read some comments on my post, so I wanted to clear some things here.
First of all, the site belongs to 'all' and so I am not the Admin that is posting this.
He is not responsible for the bull.... or damage I might cause(:

First of all, as one spoke 'it's mainly just ment as food for thought' indeed.
I also said that OFCOURSE it is scary in a way that so many people vote for a Le Pen party. This is however often also just some 'anti-EU' vote/statement and not always even aware of the true ideas and politics of such parties.
And ofcourse I do care but I also believe this:

"Polls and votes don't mean a thing- listen to the rhythem, listen to them sing"

Leaving the results of some other elections (in some other countries) out doesn't mean I am not informed or I don't care for that country.
Indeed, many also did not vote for the right-wing.

What I am saying is, dont get pulled back into these elections mentally, by such results. It doesn't matter who wins really. Your playing a game that is set. By their rules, that of comapnies, banks etc and it is not gonna change (enough) from participation or any change from within.
It is the whole old game that has need to be changed, or better read text as a recent post here "Industrial Civilisation detroys minds and enviroment".
That is perhaps more close to what I am aiming at even if that is a depressive writing.

I am sorry for any spelling mistakes (not!:-P


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