The 7th way

by Siouxs, Sunday, May 17, 2015, 16:51 (922 days ago)

Greetings to you A-Revolt and all you dogs, cats, Ants, Foxes, Wolverines, ravers, punks, bboys&girls, lovers and city rockerz out there.

First of all a salute to A. in the hope your doing well because I missed your presence here on the site lately. Just hoping your allright and kickin, and it is a good thing the page is still open and here for all (maybe not the many, the masses) to see, read, be informed with, to enjoy and be inspired with.
That is simply thanks to people as A. who make work of ideas and put it into action, into cyberspace, into all directions..since Anarchy has no clear path, no 'one way', not even some garantees it will work out, ever become real, in the positive, free, open world, social world we would like to uplift and build.

This weekend protesters in Athens occupied a Company building of Siemens and there was a blockade at another company at the same time.
Siemens past has always been one of 'big business, having a sad and violent history of doing in business since they supported the German nazi party back then.
Today the represent about the same because their services and goods are used by the capitalist machine, eating this planet, creating much of all the world problems as a system of not only 'greed' but a out of control machine we are not able to stop it seems. One that needs endless growth in order to survive. Something not possible.
And never wanted by the people altough the mask makes it look that way.
Would it be because that mask is partly 'their' media, their politics, their game and so their rules, never ours..never be deceived! as one smart lady warned us already long ago.
Siemens is also a partner in creating the Mega (destructive) Hydro Dam called 'Belo Monte' in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. That project (of many smaller Dams as well) in the Xingu river at this moment threatens the lives of many Indigenous people who live there and it will put a huge part of the forest under water permanently. Siemens showed no mercy, openly (at a speech by the Ceo)for the local Indians in the Amazon rainforest by stating the Indians there 'have no right to protest when it is a legal project'
Solidarity with the Greek protesters.occupation of Siemens.

From the Dungeons where the shadows pretend to be death, from the mystery that could easily be seen as 'guerilla chique' or avant gardism, from the places Maria and Jesus once held hands and sweared to get back on those damn Tempeliers..ah na, they came later on but still..the Romans, yes that's what I ment..ain't it all the same mess, the same 'authority' thinking.

Isn't that what is messing up our people, our planet. The lies that rule the world are bigger then the truth underneath the surface right now.
The parties that divide us or tell us lies. The daily empty promises and words of an elite, a chosen few, of representatives-and no one can represent you better then you' (in case your a real smart ass")
Politicians everywhere, yes even the 'elite kids' on the island in Norway were being created into new puppet/teers of the ruling class.Nevertheless, the crazy action of a right-wing mad man shooting them up is the last thing I like to see.
But yes, all these kids ,as far down as in the classroom or factory for that matter are being manipulated from an early age. The so called diversity in the scholing methods and systems is not that big as they pretend. (From the 'Dalton plan' to'Free shools'), they often became in time just as close to each other in their ways, the 'common ways, the standard morality and conformity' as any political party gets in order to get enough votes, to get those masses behind them.
Leaving us literally in a grey, empty swamp of nothingness,of compromises that serve none (but the wealthy),and us being unable to even organise freely simply because we do own the goods, the land, buildings needed to organise.

All we do is pay rent and right now, here in the centre of the EU, kids in the UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark etc are having sometimes a harder time getting by then many of the Polish youth now being used by the capitalist sell out as cheap labour and easy to 'kick' out again.
(Over a millions young Polish people work across their border)
One reason is that they can often use the money they earn here (by not spending much here/saving and working all day long) in relative cheap way back in Poland, simply because the prices there, for land clearly but also goods and food are much lower.
They can often still have a goal, (like a house to buy for their own),a future (or at least the dream of that) to live for..while many young people that were born in the 'capitalist' heart of Europe as it is now, don't get any further then paying the high rents and save some money for a short vacation or some goods they want to have.
Not ofcourse saying here the Polish are better off, not at all, they are being used, as the British and Germans are, as the Greek and Spanish population by parties as Golden Dawn-New Democracia as well as the 'leftish' parties (I all reject),
'as all of the exploited people within imperialism'
(To quote Gudrun- since we don't back down for some Avant garde attack on the wack- better then voting! Admit it(:
Since we don't feel about their (by media heavily fabricated) past as many other 'revolutionaries' do now.
Nevertheless, to make that clear, they made great mistakes, in fact many actions they did I reject. Even more those that in any way risked to harm people not responsible for the mess- the violence- the exploitation and opression.
But to learn from mistakes and faillures is better then to critise alone.

No wonder we run back to what we still got left, but perhaps we should towards all that was taken. But it is no wonder, not even to Alice, that we could only find (temporarily) peace amongst the trees and animals, meet in the darkness that would provide the longed privacy.
With a history and diverse melted cultures mostly forgetten and killed by the same servants of death, the machine of imperialism and 'possesing/greed', hatred, rules, laws and all that in any way represents 'political/religious (or whatever kind of) power- which is our eternal enemy that we will never leave alone, we just pretend sometimes.
An enemy we take seriously, with laughs in their faces.
An enemy that always hunted mankind, the enemy of 'authority' in all forms, off nationalism which is a big disease, always been used as great tool of manipulation, of a way to get the soldiers into place..into a certain death, but was it ever a true liberation? Ever?

How can we cheer for those that see 'nihilism' as the greatest part of being anarchists and how can we cheer to people voting so others are able to rule us, from the left to the right- it's big a lie as it ever was. Nothing changed but the president. And doesn't make that clear taking out one puppet can be satisfying but is never a solution to change the course of the sinking ship.
Isn't this what they call a 'Titanic' but then without much romance or love.
And how could we cheer for those, seeking mere attention, but not even willing to support a good cause openly. Afraid to be spotted on FB? Afraid to loose the sympathy of a boss, that seemingly in that way, would not be a good boss' anyway, if he/she wouldn't allow you to have/share your own opinion or expressions.

The Zapa's have had an international 'solidarity/exchange' meeting in Chiapas and they recently build up their new school/hospital (where the cowardly attack happened)
To maybe get done with some old critisism on SC Marcos-or now another voice/spokesman we suggest it's time to give the mic to a lady (you Taco lovers..get rid of that national falg and send some mo coffe will ya eehh(:
Not as 'media trick' but as as fresh voice. To show you allow 'feminism' just as much as you want to represent liberty and justice, true, direct democracy (where the old mask of the greeks fell off and Democracy became a 'slave force' as many ancient Greeks were too..slaves of the ruling masters..and that can never be a good way.
So lets' worry about the Euro masks first before we would ever critise masks used by brothers and sisters fighting for the social war and the liberation of mankind and planet E-Rock.
Btw, you will never see us with that mexican national flag bro's!(:
Since I (&Siouxsies-Antiz)am not the Ezln, nor are we Chiapas residents, or their sixth sense but the '7th Way'(like Sting song")as you can call us (:, as we have been for quite a while, I can only say that it would be a 'fresh wave' that still would be critisised by any (stubborn) critic (they always find something if they want to be smart")as a 'trick to show their sincere meanings, that Marcos' now is gone as 'one and only spokesman for the Zapatistas , which was bugin some critics that were/are afraid it is some 'Maoist-like organisation with even Stalinist ideas'.
That are not my words btw, just explainung here the critics that partly made the Ezln change course a bit. Anyway the critics would still say 'its a mask they got on!'..but I prefer the mask.
So let this Chiapas local girl/woman make a clear (own) speech on what she wants to reach/hwat the people there want to reach/bring/do/build up...and let her speak in a video presented as your latest 'international call' to the socially involved all over the world.
Ofcourse the girl/woman wears a mask too, since it is not ment as 'media hype',to show a pretty girl in the hope to get the 'like buttons' up(", not ment as a special brew to reach the masses in tv/paper land.
(cause masses we want to see transform into critical, free open human beings..not any mass.
The girl (must)ofcourse salute the Siouxs shortly, cause we something to dream on too over here! (: Hope you understand, yeah im single again...Damned! (:
I do agree on the critics on 'nationalism' and certain patriotic calls, which I mostly despise,(can understand though, but do not agree with) in all ways and all countries, wishing there was no such thing as borders and states.
An international solidarity can not use any 'national' flag.
It is a symbol of the State and not of the people and the land to me.
Maybe ceate a new flag with a 'international' Taco and that will do the trick of unifying all the people..worldwide! Roar! (;

From the rooftops of the Europe I salute you all

The Siouxs & Ants

The 7th way

by Siouxs, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 14:29 (920 days ago) @ Siouxs

I am practising for becoming the new Subcommandante("
(still practising! :)
No, just kidding (in some parts at least) and putting some humor in all this mess, as the Zapa's asked us all to do in one of the latest Zapatista-Ezln-6th declaration.
Yet I am a bit afraid laughing the enemy away will not do ("
We only want the last laugh ofcourse, till that time we rather stay depressed and down with the shadowtime eclipse.
A & C are creating a new battelstar Gallactica-under construction but soon ready to fly dragon style-Pit name shifting.;-)
Siouxs will ofcourse be posting here(: Can't stop that(" Got just as much writingmaniac as Marcos (or talking as Castro)..good lads tough! Not so say I agree on it all, but very much I do. I personally (the one writing thiz) never wanted to critise that much, especially not tell others what to do and what to believe in. I rather learn from mistakes, create something new or better if possible.
Like going for 'positive' media representation, which is just as bad as sitting at the same table of the business men and politicians..look to long..and you become the same abysshit-or longing to reach 'masses' and many other mistakes we made in the past)Read the essays of E. Goldman on that already long ago.

You know, those city bumpers, that crazy bunch of colourful cool cats, those unbroken basterds..the incredible syndicate worldwide! (which is so fkkin big can count them on one hand- yet!, they have skills and have connections-yesyes, very important these days if you wanna get ya likes and thumbs up these days!(;
(Think of putting some make up on ya face too..will do you good("- so anyway, that most inglorious affinity group that was inspired by indians and germans as Gudrun..that was several defeated (but never by Custer, Ceasar or cleoptra..those kings/cunts ahd it coming we stated already years ago!) Play it loud! ("..but never killed still stading strong and proud as some we wont surrender Vice Squad damned.
The siouxsies and antiz that went in to the woods, into the dark,the warm shadows reclaiming the wilderness as well as eating the urban cookies!

Over-transmit-never surrender-transmit
last train to transcentral

SubcommandAnte of the Sioux squaddrone ("

The 7th way

by Siouxs, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 14:37 (920 days ago) @ Siouxs

Note: (With A. in the reply post I mean not Andre btw (because I have used A. before then meaning the admin here) but 'Angel' as we call her and Chelsea.

Take care

The 7th way

by Siouxs, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 14:46 (920 days ago) @ Siouxs

Damned! Lol..I need more practising:-)

A. in the first part/intro/salute in the text is ment to Andre of this site.
Much respect and solidarity for keeping it up.
The second A. (Which I shall call Angel from now on-
(I didn't want scare the atheists away you know")
Which is a girl. This first of all to stop any possible confusion or to make people do things they shouldn't do("
If! I will ever use those names of these sluts again anyway!;-)
damned:-) Push it aaargg:-P

Peace out


The 7th way

by Siouxs, Sunday, June 28, 2015, 20:54 (880 days ago) @ Siouxs

ForgEtten is ForgOtten !!(:..and excuse moi for the probably 100 speling mistakes in one writing! (I never read something bcak..i'm just happy to spit it out quickly("
Yes it's me...shame and scandal in da family!! (:

Much love..and read between the li---mistakes!

Peace out

The 7th way

by C, Sunday, June 28, 2015, 21:27 (880 days ago) @ Siouxs

Very good siouxs
your making progress:-P

The 7th way

by Sisi rider, Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 16:07 (864 days ago) @ C

Yeah, massive! :-P

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